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Costa Rica’s Central Pacific stretches from the rough-and-ready port of Puntarenas to the little town of Uvita. Its close proximity to San José and the Central Valley and highlands, and its well-developed system of paved roads make this area one of the most easily accessible regions in Costa Rica. This leads a great influx of domestic and international travelers that visit the area year round and has prompted a great demand for suitable tourism infrastructure in the Central Pacific. That is why the Central Pacific is one of the most desirable destinations in Costa Rica for Real Estate investors. While threats of unregulated growth and environmental damage are real, it’s also important to see the bigger picture, namely the stunning nature that first put the Central Pacific coast on the map.

To get to the Central Pacific from the Central Valley, the traveler drives through the Coastal Highway 34, which features the incredible landscape, beaches, national parks, nature reserves, and exotic flora and fauna. World-renowned Manuel Antonio National Park is just one of the region’s many points of natural interest.

Additionally, ocean stretches along the Central Pacific provide the ultimate setting for water activities such as surfing, sport fishing and scuba diving. Lined with stunning mountainous coastline, the Central Pacific generally maintains a more arid climate than on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. (Nevertheless, bring a rain jacket, as showers in the tropics are always a possibility).

The Central Pacific is also not as humid as the Caribbean Coast or the South Pacific. However, it is more humid than Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula to the northwest.  Steep verdant cliffs, swallowed by the vast blue water, and picturesque beaches, gleaming with colorful sunsets, cast spectacular ocean scenery. The breath-taking forests and fascinating mangroves are rich with life. Such diverse natural offerings bring strong allure to Costa Rica’s Central Pacific. The region is a short two-hour car ride from San Jose; all its spectacular beauty is just an arm’s length away!

The central Pacific coast is home to both wet and dry tropical rainforests, sun-drenched sandy beaches and a healthy dose of wildlife. On shore, national parks protect endangered squirrel monkeys and scarlet macaws, while offshore waters are home to migrating whales and pods of dolphins.

With so much biodiversity packed into a small geographic area, it’s no wonder the coastal region is often thought of as Costa Rica in miniature.