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Laguna Azul del Pacifico is without a doubt the premiere real estate company in Costa Rica. Headquartered in Jaco Beach, the heart of the startling Central Pacific Coast and one of the most desirable areas of Central America

Our agents are committed to protect and promote the client’s best interests.  Our team of professionals is here to ensure your real estate transaction runs smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle that brought you to Costa Rica. After successful closing, you can experience peace of mind as our Property Management division takes over to ensure your slice of paradise is safely maintained, retaining its value and creating the positive cash flow you desire.

Laguna Azul del Pacifico is highly focused on turn-key real estate, including residential, vacation rentals and commercial. We also offer various investment opportunities in new projects, ranging from single family home site communities to condominium complexes and a diverse portfolio of land in the Central Pacific. 

Get in touch with us to learn about these opportunities, and become part of the exciting tourism and residential development boom taking place now in one of Costa Rica’s favorite places for investment. 

Keep in mind that the process of buying real estate in Costa Rica is similar to the way you purchase and hold title in the United States. Being properly informed and working with professionals you can trust is extremely important. Laguna Azul Real Estate uses only qualified escrow companies and real estate attorneys in order to secure your investment.  We are here to answer any questions you may have. 


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