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Laguna Azul Real Estate is located in the beach town of Jaco, one of Costa Rica's hottest destinations, right in the middle of the Central Pacific Coast. Jaco has a beautiful beach that stretches 2.5 miles, only 90 minutes from the Capital City of San Jose traveling on a new highway that connects the Central Valley with the Central and South Pacific.

The town of Jaco is located on the border of tropical moist and dry forests. This allows the area to have very distinct seasons of wet and dry. You can expect to get quite a bit of sunshine in Jaco and warm temperatures during most months of the year. The area boasts a blend of lush nature and high-end infrastructure that provide for the perfect getaway for Costa Ricans and foreign visitors. There is no better place than Jaco to enjoy a stress-free vacation in Costa Rica.

Jaco used to be a simple surf town that attracted surfers from all over the world to ride the waves. Now it is home to all the amenities you can find in the Central Valley, but in a vacation setting. There are high rise buildings, major branches of public and private banks, quality health care services, public and private schools and over a hundred dining places. Night life in Jaco is vibrant, with a strip of bars and restaurants that cater to those looking to wine and dine in some of Costa Rica’s best restaurants.

With more than 11,000 permanent residents, both foreigners and locals, and close to 30,000 that fluctuate in and out, the population of Jaco has more than doubled in the last five years and it is still on the rise, making it one of the most prime areas for investing in all of the Pacific Coast.  The town experiences constant growth and significant development in infrastructure and housing, including vacation homes and condominiums. The large demand for this type of accommodation has made vacation rentals a very profitable business in the area. Check our real estate inventory and let us help you find the best investment properties with a schedule of returns that you expect and deserve.