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Do I need a passport to go to Costa Rica?

A current valid passport and a return ticket to exit Costa Rica (either to return to your country or to go to another country), are mandatory to enter the country.

Do I need a visa to go to Costa Rica?

Depending on your country of origin, you may enter Costa Rica without a visa. USA, Canada and most European countries have this privilege. For more information please visit: Visas

Do I need an international driver´s license to drive in Costa Rica?

You are allowed to drive with your normal driver’s license for three months.

How do I get to Costa Rica?

Depending where you are coming from, there are numerous airlines to choose from. From the US you have choices of United, US Airways, Southwest, Delta, Frontier, WestJet, Aero Mexico, etc Click on Juan Santamaria International Airport

Is the water drinkable in Costa Rica?

The water is potable in most of the country. We recommend using bottled water, especially in areas around the coast.

What is the currency in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican currency is called Colon. US dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted.Currency Converter

Are credit cards accepted in Costa Rica?

All major credit cards are widely accepted. You will find ATM machined distributed throughout the country.

What tours can we do in Costa Rica?

There are countless tours and activities to do in Costa Rica, airport transportation, crocodile river tours, zip lines, ATV, water falls, bird watching, surfing, deep sea fishing, spa days, museums; the list goes on and on. Check some of the Tours in our Central Pacific Coast here or contact us for more info at

Do I need an electric adapter for a hair drier?

Outlets are 110 V, with standard US two prong plugs.

I’m an investor. Can I buy property in Costa Rica?

Yes, you can! Check our website for more information and let us know about any questions you may have.

Can I invest in Costa Rica Real Estate using my IRA?

Yes, you can! With a Self-Directed IRA you can legally invest in assets of your choice, including offshore Real Estate. Start exploring this opportunity here and contact a certified IRA Custodian on how to set up and use your IRA to purchase property in Costa Rica. Contact a certified IRA Custodian on how to set up and use your IRA to purchase property in Costa Rica.

If I decided to stay longer, can I get a visa while I am there?

You need to leave the country for 72 hours. Upon returning to Costa Rica, the permit may be renewed up to 90 days provided that you comply with the immigration requirements.

What number should I dial in case of emergency?

Dial 911 for immediate assistance.

Which are Costa Rica natural boundaries?

•North: Nicaragua
•South: Panama
•East: Caribbean Sea
•West: Pacific Ocean

Can I use my cell phone in Costa Rica?

To use your cell phone in Costa Rica, you have to bring an UNLOCKED cell phone, and buy a SIM prepaid card at the ICE (the national telecommunications company) booth in the baggage section of the airport (or in a telephone company office in any city around the country). The unlocked cell phone must be a quad-band GSM or 3G handset or at least have an 850 or 1800 mHz band. Most US phones use 950 mHz. Motorola and Sony Ericcson are brands that have models with the right bands. At the airport ICE booth, you can ask for the different SIM prepaid cards they offer and it will be inserted in your handset. Some of them will include internet access