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Having a good buyer’s agent is key to your real estate transaction. They save you time by searching out and locating the properties that best suit your likes and needs, and negotiating the best terms and price. They will walk you through the buying process from start to end. It’s a great service at no cost to you! Why not take advantage of it?

With your best interest in mind, a buyer’s agent will provide you with relevant advice, schedule appointments and educate you about neighborhoods and properties in the market. You can also expect your buyer’s agent to recommend trustworthy real estate attorneys and home inspectors. A buyer’s agent will also keep you updated regarding the due diligence, giving you a heads up regarding any situation that must be addressed before the closing of your real estate transaction. Home buyers should always have their own agent.

Most people think they have to pay a sales commission. The truth is this: only the seller pays the commission. Whether a buyer uses an agent or not, the seller still pays the commission. The only person that wins when a buyer is not represented is the listing agent.

Although in Costa Rica agency agreements are not mandatory, it is always advisable to outline and address the agent’s services, how they are compensated and how the two parties will work together. In this case, it is especially important that buyers stick to their agent as long as they are receiving the services previously agreed upon, since this is the only way to ensure that your agent will be paid for their work at the closing of the transaction. Bear in mind that both, buyer and agent, are accountable to each other.

Buying real estate is a big decision and the process is stressful enough without worrying about who you can and cannot trust. Your buyer’s agent is your trusted advocate and will guide you through the local market conditions.

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